5 tips on content creation for speakers and authors

1) Identify who you’re talking to.

Most of my speaker and author clients create the content that THEY like, which is silly on so many levels. Why would you create content that YOU want to see, when YOU’RE not the one seeing it. I recommended creating an avatar of who your ideal client is, and create the content that you feel your AUDIENCE would like to see. I just learned this tip from my friend Ronne, that you should ask your avatar (ideal clients and followers) more often what they want from you.

2) Create a style

I love Jay-Z’s style of music. He has a particular vibe, tone, message and swag that attracts me to ALL of his music. If he were ever to switch up his style to Mumble Rap, I don’t think I would be checking for his music that often. Some of us are so busy keeping up with the trends or what’s popular, that our style keeps changing. It’s impossible to grow a loyal fan base, if every time I see you, your style is changing. I followed you because initially I liked what I saw….keep showing me what brought me to you in the first place.

3) Realize that you’re not as good as you think you are.

I feel like I’m an excellent communicator, until I have to share the stage with the top speakers in the world. In my small circle of friends and peers I’m the man, but when I’m on stage opening up for Eric Thomas or Inky Johnson who operate at an extremely high level, I realize how much work I have to do. If you always pat yourself on the back for how dope you are or how STRONG you are in an area, you’ll never focus on and fix your weaknesses. When I watch my presentations, I’m looking for the errors, not basking in my own dopeness. I always realize that I’m not as good as I think I am, which is why every year I get better.

4) Be consistent

If you’ve ever met someone who always cracks corny jokes, those people are typically the funniest people in the room. The first or second time they say something that’s super lame, you label them as….A LAME! But the more you hear these horrible jokes, the funnier they become. The same thing with that song you heard on the radio that you hate. That’s the same song that you hear everywhere you go and because you heard it often enough, you find yourself dancing to in the club and singing along. My point is, no matter how good…..or bad you are RIGHT NOW, if you do it consistently, you’ll not only get better, but you’ll begin cultivating a following of people who fall madly in love with your style. Consistency is key!