Kultured Misfits™ is a lifestyle brand, founded in Atlanta, that represents the power of embracing ones individuality while also being open to the influences of culture found in music, arts and the people around you to impact everyday life.

Kultured Misfits is more than just a clothing line, but a movement for kultured individuals everywhere.  Determined to cater to a unique group of people that defy labels, stereotypes, and the boring norms that have yet to include misfits. Now, these misfits are the threads of society that hold us together. They encompass a body of knowledge that creates such a kulturally rich society, but somehow don’t fit in with the crowd. From artists, scholars, creatives, and dreamers…misfits are regarded collectively.

So you’re probably wondering what a Kultured Misfit is, right?

Imagine someone who knows no bounds in their journey. The outsiders. The nomads. They listen, learn, create, and can put the pieces of the puzzle together and give true meaning to living. From the outside looking in, they are true individuals without a doubt. They were never meant to fit in a box, and probably didn’t notice the box to begin with. We believe that the only way kulture will redefine itself is if we have the mentality of a misfit.
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