Got a gift? Good. So do we; and it just so happens to connect Christ and clothing for a cause.

Proverbs Clothing Company is a faith-based initiative dedicated to renewing minds and transforming lives through the products we
sell. We believe that God has gifted use with this opportunity so we intend to use it for his greater glory.

At Proverbs, we are more than just a business; we are movers and shakers for Christ, and we are all about spreading His
message through creative means.

Every Proverbs purchase helps us spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, and its also pretty cool that 10% of our net profits are
allocated to charity.

We are witnesses for Christ in all we do; so when its time to represent that through our brand, we do it in a way that
is creative and catchy. Developing trendy t-shirt concepts lets others know that we ARE a Christian company, but there ain’t nothin bland about us.

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