Yelani is the Epitome of Sisterhood. It was created by Yetunde Jude, the author of the DIY hair care book, The Black Hair Care Revolution.

Our high quality, carefully crafted, plant-based products were created to uplift black women & make it easier for us to manage our natural hair. Our gentle products are designed to reduce shedding, save you time detangling, & reduce breakage while softening & strengthening your hair.

Yelani provides solutions for natural hair that actually work. Our popular, patent pending, washable shower cap allows users to take hot showers or baths without worrying about their hair becoming frizzy. Our natural hair care products not only heals your hair, but heals your body as well.

We have suds-free 2-in-1 shampoos, oils, detangling combs, satin caps (that stay on your head), durable, washable shower caps, beard oil, and beard wash & softener.
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