5 things to expect from the Village Market Spring Fest Weekend

It’s a vibe. Two-days of amazing ENERGY. The Village Market truly gathers some of the best businesses, speakers, artists, performers, and patrons who have the absolute best energy. From vendors, to performers, EVERYBODY in our community seems to show up to show love and to give love. The amount of support from re-posting each other, shouting each other out, and the hugs, will fill your whole spirit with warmth. We tell everyone, our community, our village, our villagers, you, MAKE THE EVENT.

The Food.

As Jamiee of Black Girl Buying writes, “It is not just good, plant-based food; this is GREAT food that just so happens to be plant-based.” The Village Café is in a separate room from the Market and filled with at least a dozen vendors. All of them provide vegan and plant-based…everything. Any food you can imagine was available – pasta, tacos, lasagna, ice cream, you name it! As someone who ascribes to neither a plant-based nor vegan diet, trust me when I tell you that you will completely forget what you are eating is just as good for you as it tastes!

The Businesses.

Every business at the Village Market has been vetted through an application and selection process. They have an insurmountable pride in their business, believe in excellence, believe in community, and above all things, believe what they sell is simply DOPE! We have a unique selection of businesses, from clothing, to workout apparel, body and facial products, to homegoods, there is something for EVERYONE. But, let us not forget to mention, all the products are holistic and the messaging of the brands are positive and uplifting. They do not only smell good, look good, they are also good for you, your children, your body, your home, and your spirit. Bring your coins because you are going to want to buy and support everybody.

For The Fam.

We pride ourselves in having a family event that also features young kid and teenpreneurs. We know the importance of creating space for the next generation, and how powerful it is for them to showcase and vend next to businesses who they admire. It is also important for them to see the number of people who simply show up to support their magic and talents. We would be remiss if we did not add, we have an amazing STEM Family Play Zone. You can shop, you can dance, you can eat and your children have an opportunity to play, learn and connect with other children.

Her Village the Next Day

We started Her Village last year and was blown away by the response. We posted 100 spots and they were filled in 48 hours. So, of course, we are bringing it back with an amazing lineup of women who found success, who have started over, and who believe in supporting other women. The event is holistic; it’s for women who are looking for a sisterhood, looking to grow, looking to release, looking to start living differently and more powerfully. We are doing our remix of a Red Table Talk, have some great plant-based demos, a wealth of topics and we are super excited for Her Village Shopping Experience.

Risky Business!

Don’t let the fake glamourous life of an entrepreneur on social media fool you. Being an entrepreneur is a risky business.

“If it were easy to be an entrepreneur, everyone would be one.”

Being a successful entrepreneur takes a significant amount of commitment, resilience as well as requires a different mindset. Many people fail as an entrepreneur because they still have an “employee mindset.” Before you quit your job, ask yourself if you are really ready to take the necessary risks. Also, determine if you are willing and able to invest the time, energy and money it will take to be successful and profitable. It is not easy to be an entrepreneur and should be respected.

Final Thought: You Should Start Your Business

The reality is that hating your job is not a good reason to quit your job to be an entrepreneur. It may just mean that you need to find a new job. Better yet, become a DUALpreneur[1]™ by building your business while you are still employed.

“Keep Your Benefits AND Build Your Business!”

While your employment income is paying your bills and sustaining your lifestyle, it will also be the first capital investor for your business. For many, becoming a DUALpreneur[1]™ is an excellent transition from being a full-time employee to a full-time entrepreneur the right way.