5 Podcasts that entrepreneurs should listen to

Even though I just started listening to podcasts this past year, they are a real game changer for me. Whether I am in the car or at my desk, podcasts allow me to laugh and/or learn on the go. This flexibility is super important to me as I work to build a brand. I also want to acknowledge that I am a millennial Black woman, so most of the podcasts speak to some (or all) parts of my specific identities. Regardless of who you are, I think podcasts can offer a lot of different things. As a business owner, here are the 5 kinds of podcasts I try to listen to on a weekly basis that I think would be helpful for you too.
1. Ones that provide solidarity This business journey – this life journey – can feel isolating at times. That’s why I listen to Gettin’ Grown and Schoolin Life. Although neither are specific to business, they both provide me a sense of solace. Adulting is hard. Navigating life as a woman of color is no easier. These two podcasts help me laugh through the journey and remind me that there are others out there feeling the same why I am and offer practical advice for real life situations.

2. Ones that inspire and motivate I don’t know about you, but for me, it does not take much to become discouraged in these tumultuous times. So I am intentional about incorporating things that inspire and motivate me so that I can stay in a positive headspace as often as possible. The BLK + GRN Podcast and Young & Black N Business are helping with that. Both highlight Black business owners who share their stories. I love hearing the paths they took in building their businesses. It gives me everything I need to get back to work on mine.

3. Ones that encourage wellness We cannot sustain and take care of our businesses if we are not sustaining and taking care of ourselves. I am usually pretty terrible in this area, so I turn to Affirm, Therapy for Black Girls, and the Balanced Black Girl Podcast. They help to recenter my mind and focus on my body so that I can do all the things I need to do to take care of myself and my business.

4. Ones that talk finances To be honest, this is one area that I’m still trying to figure out, but I know how important it is so I am trying to get it together. That’s why I have The Clever Girls Know Podcast and Paychecks and Balances. I am learning to make smarter money moves in my personal life, which I am also hoping will build a solid foundation for my business finances.

5. Ones that drop #protips I was intentional about putting this last because my goal is to bring my whole and best self to my business. One thing that I have learned is that you do not always have to go through something to get the lesson from it. I am thankful that I have Black Entrepreneur Blueprint and Minding My Black Business for that. Both are specifically tailored to the needs of Black business owners and give bite sized and actionable nuggets to encourage growth in your business.